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Sandy Underhill RSHom

Clinics are held in Llandrindod Wells and Presteigne, Powys and Kington, Herefordshire

Sandy trained at The Welsh School of Homoeopathy and graduated in 1999. She also did further training in India in 2001, working under Dr Rajan Sankaran, a well known doctor and Homoeopath. Over the years she has gained experience, paying attention to detail, and using various approaches to finding the similium to a patients symptoms. The word Homoeopathy means 'Like curing Like' or The Law of Similar i.e. finding the medicine that matches the patients dis-ease, either mental, emotional or physical.

All symptoms are an expression of an imbalance in the body, and the medicine prescribed by Homoeopaths will trigger the body's natural tendency to heal itself. When a medicine (or remedy) is given it is like dropping a pebble in a pond, sending out gentle ripples out over the whole body.

What causes symptoms or imbalances in our lives?

Here are a few suggestions!

Who can Homoeopathy treat.

Homoeopathy can treat all ages, including pregnant mothers and infants, children, adults and elderly people. It is excellent during child birth, reducing pain and the effects of trauma to mother and newly born infant.


In order to treat Homoeopathically, I need to know a lot about you, this is strictly confidential but it is necessary in order to treat you as an individual, i.e. for me to understand how you tick! Your likes and dislikes, work and hobbies, fears, phobias, and any trauma or upset in your life are of interest to me.

The consultation can take up to an hour and a half, and I will need to know your family history if possible, i.e. what others in your family have suffered with.

What patients say about the treatment

'Homoeopathy has subtly and gently changed my life and through it's use has calmed and empowered me'

50 year old female

'Initially I was sceptical, but after having eczema all my life - I've not suffered any eczema since'

37 year old male

'Homoeopathy has been a great help to my three children, one son had a persistent asthmatic cough - he no longer needs his daily inhaler, another child was helped greatly with confidence issues, and my 4 year old has been calmer and slept more soundly since receiving his remedies'

These testimonials do not represent evidence, but are the personal opinion of the patients I have treated.

About Sandy

Sandy's background prior to Homoeopathy was equestrian, and she holds The British Horse Society Intermediate Riding and Stable Managers Certificate and British Horse Society Assistant Instructors Certificate. She competed successfully in 3 day eventing, obtaining a Gold Medal at The Western Canada Summer Games in 1983. She still has horses and runs a small holding with her husband in the Welsh hills.

Back in the 70's she was farming with her husband until they emigrated to Canada in 1977. I t was while she was in Canada where she first heard about Homoeopathy, from Dr Marjorie Blackie, the queens physician at that time. This sowed a seed and when after returning from Canada in 1987 she suffered ill health she turned to Homoeopathy to find healing and balance.

Homoeopathy at Wellie Level

Over the past 5 years Sandy has worked with farmers, training them how to use homoeopathy on their own animal. This is run by Homoeopathy at Wellie Level or (HAWL), a charity that trains farmers how to encompass homoeopathy in to the management of their farm and livestock. In the management of her horses she has been successfull in treating many conditions, including Tetanus, colic and sweet itch.

Sandy is available for presentations and talks, and further information on Homoeopathy can be obtained from The Society of Homoeopaths' website www.homeopathy-soh.org or info on HAWL www.hawl.co.uk

For when you're ill

by Sandy Underhill

Homoeopathy starts when you're ill
All you get is a tiny pill
You suck and till it's all gone
And wonder what might happen upon
You dream of healing
Or something less appealing
Your symptoms get worse or is it a curse
Is it placebo or a water fix
It seams my mind is all in a mix
As time goes on I'm not so sad
and my itching is not as bad
Was it the pill or the homoeopath
So I went back for another chat
I told her my symptoms had eased
The homoeopath smiled and seemed very pleased
She didn't give me any more pills
and told me to phone if I had a return of my ills

Contact information

Book a treatment: 01597 851021

Contact via email: sandy.homoeopath@virgin.net

(phone is best due to limited internet access because of our location)