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Sports Injuries Therapy, Sciatica Specialist, Remedial Massage and Ultrasound

Dorienne Robinson R.M.A.N.M., MSc

Dorienne has been a practising therapist for 24 years. She qualified in Massage in 1992 and Management of Sports Injuries in 1993 and then taught these at St. Austell College in Cornwall where she regularly ran long distance races and competed in Triathlons.

Early on in her career Dorienne realised that Sciatica was an extremely common complaint amongst sporting and non-sporting patients alike and went on to train and specialise in its treatment.

She established a thriving private practice in Cornwall before moving to Mid Wales in 2001 and is proud to boast a high success rate in the treatment of Sciatica.

In a high percentage of cases Sciatica can be relieved completely by deep massage, ultrasound over the Sciatic Plexus and a gentle muscle release technique called ‘hyperton x’.

Patients receive three treatments set three days apart with a re-assessment taking place at each new session.

If the Sciatica is caused by a soft tissue problem then there is always marked improvement by the third session and the patient can negotiate with the therapist for further sessions. Once improvement has started it will continue and further sessions are usually only necessary when the improvement plateaus out.

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Book a treatment: 01597 823957

Mobile: 07933 717601

Contact via email: dorienne@headweb.co.uk

Visit website: sciatica-specialist.co.uk